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Sell ​​your car or motorcycle at the best price in a few days

The Link Motors Service

Link Motors is a network of beyond 81 Branches in Italy, which sell cars and motorcycles for private individuals.

 Sells your vehicle through a network of very high national and international visibility!

 Find the best buyer for you, filtering perditempo right away. Link Motors can easily sell your vehicle by maximizing the chances of sell at the best market price, it is a proven method for some time, it is today the best method for sell the motorcycle car quickly without devaluing the vehicle by making the sale from private to private.

 Increase your sales potential thanks to loans and guarantees on breakdowns, so as to immediately facilitate the sale.

 You set the selling price in the branch before putting it on sale.

 the vehicle will always remain with you until the change of ownership.

 Link Motors will contact you only when it has the valid buyer and that it has that budget to spend, and what's more, it will protect both you and the buyers from scams.

Selling with Link Motors is easy, just go to the Closest branch, it will take 10 minutes to register the technical data sheet of your vehicle, do a professional photo shoot, and then we will start immediately with the sale.



The customer who entrusts the sale to us only costs 25 euros when registering the vehicle, which includes the photo shoot, the technical data sheet and the activation of advertising campaigns, to immediately obtain a strong impact of visibility.

Then, only after the sale has taken place, he will pay the commission established in the branch on the final sale price.

Automotive Franchising

The advantages

  • For those who sell:

    - Sale of the vehicle at the highest market price (throughout Europe).

    - Protection from scams.

    - Management of bureaucracy by Link Motors.

    - No time wasters and hassles, we will select the interested buyer for you. 

    - No exclusive sales.

    - Availability of the vehicle until the transfer of ownership
  • For those who buy:

    - Purchase the vehicle under Link Motors protection with the supervision that everything is done in accordance with the law.

    - Purchase the vehicle through the affiliated financial institutions, installment payments also for vintage vehicles and motorcycles.

    - Purchase the vehicle with a full mechanical guarantee.

    - Protection from scams.

    - Transparency and sales support.


The seller who entrusts the sale to Link Motors has 2 fixed costs to bear: 


- 25 euros when registering the vehicle which are for the drafting of the card (35 euros for the home service), the professional photo shoot and the activation of reserved advertising campaigns to have immediately a strong impact of visibility


- from 5% to 8% on the final sale price, after the sale has taken place.


no exclusive sales

Commission Price range
8% from 0 to 8.000 €
6,5% from 8001 to 12.000 €
5% Over € 12.000

Automotive Franchising

FAQ - Questions and Answers

No, the vehicle always remains with the seller, he will only have to bring it to us when we have a truly interested customer, who has the budget to spend, who has viewed the documentation and who intends to buy through Link Motors.
Therefore we try to filter time wasters and unintentional.
It depends on some factors (including the condition of the vehicle and the selling price), but considering the strong impact of visibility within 30 days, most of the sales are completed.
For numerous reasons, we mention the most important: providing installment loans for those who need it (about 60% of requests), providing mechanical guarantees on the whole vehicle including automatic gearbox at the expense of the buyer, with certified companies in Europe.
Provide protection in the negotiation and economic transaction control during the sale.
Protection from Scams
The cost of the registrations includes a professional photographic service, the compilation of the vehicle card and the investment in one-off advertising campaigns to give the maximum impact of visibility as soon as the vehicle is inserted into the Link Motors sales systems.
Together with the seller, we establish what could be the best market price on a European basis, also considering the best time / revenue solution.
Our assignment has lasted 3/6 months, in two EXCLUSIVE and NOT EXCLUSIVE formulas.
The difference is only in the place where the sales appointments will be set, in the second case they will always be made in Link Motors agencies.
No, it would be against our goal, which is to MAXIMIZE our customers' vehicles.
Those who buy vehicles tend to buy at the lowest price to reach the highest mark-up in buying and selling.
To ensure maximum security for those who sell but also for those who buy in Link Motors branches, only 2 payment methods are adopted:
Bank draft (verified in advance with "good issued") or bank transfer to Link Motors and at the time of the transfer Link Motors> Seller will be transferred.
Always everything with the utmost transparency and responsibility.
We have 2 types of assignments depending on the needs of the seller.
Most of the assignments are not exclusive, therefore the seller is free to sell his vehicle to friends or relatives, but for a quality of service we ask you not to publish advertisements on the web independently.
No, we do not manage non-running and in poor condition vehicles.
Because in this way we guarantee a management quality during the negotiations, we do not go into suspicion of scam having double owners for the same vehicle and with our servers we are able to publish in more than 70 sales channels.
We offer a visibility that is not comparable to any existing manual publishing system.
In fact, in addition to the classic sales websites, we publish in a sector group, enthusiasts and followers who follow us from all over Europe.
We are able to spread the advertisements divided by categories and we have a database of requests that increases every hour from all over Europe.

Opinions of ours Clients

We list our customer reviews after selling or buying a vehicle, directly from G-Business emails * Certificate *. We put them all, good and bad.

LM Central Server: Vehicle purchase requests


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