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5 months ago Hybrid cars: where and when you don't pay bollo?
Some regions do not charge ownership tax on double cars motorization or hybrids, for which only the power of the internal combustion engine is valid, as happens for electric cars, G ...

9 months ago bollo auto 2020 what are the cars that do not pay it. The models
There are numerous circumstances that lead to the exemption. The goal is almost always to encourage the replacement of models from the most polluting ones to those with motorization alternative. The basic rule ...

9 months ago Beware of brands from bollo: false values ​​also used for court documents e motorization
The carabinieri, in an investigation into counterfeit licenses, which were marketed as originals, found that 4 lawyers from the Court of Santa Maria Capua Vetere (Caserta) produced and used brands ...

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