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The warranties on Link Motors vehicles, from 12 to 36 months

Choose the Warranty that best suits your Vehicle

Buying the vehicle directly from the private individual has its many advantages, but we also know that the seller is not obliged (by law) to provide a breakdown guarantee.

why give up the purchase?

For this reason, in Link Motors agencies you can buy the vehicle directly from the private individual, but with all the peace of mind and safety as if you were buying in an official dealership, in fact, at Link Motors you can choose the breakdown guarantee that best suits your needs:





ConformGest SpA, is a service company able to offer sellers a 360 ° service, as it is the only company to manage both the Conventional guarantee be the Legal Compliance Guarantee in the name and on behalf of seller, in order to protect the same from the obligations assumed towards the consumer.



- Dynamics

- Future

- Complete



MEC guarantees


MEC guarantee proposes itself as one of the main players in the sector of guarantees for used cars. Also spare parts regeneration e component design.



- Relax

- plus



- Motorcycle



In Link Motors agencies it is also possible:


- buy used vehicles from private individuals

- buy vehicles at Km Zero, certified and guaranteed

- Long-term rental of any vehicle, with leading companies in the sector


The advantages for those who buy from LM

 Purchase the vehicle under the protection and advice of Link Motors (free of charge) and with the supervision that everything is done in accordance with the law.

 Purchase the vehicle through the affiliated financial institutions, installment payments also for vintage vehicles and motorcycles.

 Buy the vehicle with a full mechanical guarantee, with a circuit of 5000 workshops in Europe.

 Protection from scams and payment control.

 Transparency and support until the transfer of ownership.

 Possibility to have the vehicle viewed in LM, with your trusted mechanic.

Still some doubts? contact us, we will be happy.

FAQ - Questions and Answers

LM agencies are born to manage the sales between private individuals, with the aim of facilitating the operation, providing protection and experience in the sector. It checks and follows the entire operation, from the sale of the vehicle (of the private individual) to delivery.
Absolutely NOT, it is a totally free service for those who buy, it is a constant support throughout the purchase phase.
By purchasing a private vehicle through LM it is possible to take advantage of all the services of a large dealership, namely: financing for the purchase in installments, for all types of vehicles, the possibility of activating a total mechanical guarantee on all the vehicle's organs, with the 24/XNUMX support and assistance of leading companies for guarantees in Europe. Management and control of the bureaucratic part of a sale.
Protection from Scams
Of course, you can rely on the nearest LM agency to choose to buy a vehicle on the www.linkmotors.it site with all the protection and transparency possible. We also carry out international transport.

Opinions of ours Clients

We list our customer reviews after selling or buying a vehicle, directly from G-Business emails * Certificate *. We put them all, good and bad.

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