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Automotive Franchising

What is Franchising

Who is Link Motors

Automotive Franchising

Link Motors Franchising is a network of over 75 branches which offers a car and motorcycle sales service for individuals, managing all the Iter, from the sale to the delivery of the vehicle, offering protection and services such as financing and guarantees on breakdowns, is like opening a car showroom but innovative, without buying vehicles, having those of private customers available.

With the Link Motors project, you will have the opportunity to open a Link Motors subsidiary in Franchising in your city, with territorial exclusivity!

The format guarantees a job from the first day of opening, you can become a successful entrepreneur in car and motorcycle brokerage managing hundreds of vehicles without buying any and without suffering vehicle devaluation.

It is the franchise for used cars and motorcycles, the business of the moment is highly profitable.

Why choose Link Motors Franchising

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 Because it is a successful business without any bank exposure, it is that type of work that was missing between EXCHANGE RETREAT and PRIVATE SALE.


 Because we have one Structure of Developers and Experts sectors that work side by side with the branches.

 Why is it a Continuously growing format and stable for the past 6 years.

 Because with our IT tools we can make you acquire customers on an ongoing basis. (without advertising investments !!)

 Because we specialize in sale of modern and vintage vehicles. (collectors and clubs rely on Link Motors to sell)

 Because you'll have the chance to acquire customers without annoying and expensive telemarketing operations.

 Because you'll have the chance to sell hundreds of vehicles without ever buying! (example 130 cars under management = value about 1 million €)

 Because you can earn on vehicle sales, financing, guarantees, transfer of ownership, zero km car sales, long-term rental, historical certificates and much more!

Requirements Required

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 Passion for the Automotive

 Commercial shop or area dedicated to Link Motors (corner)

 good customer relationship skills and entrepreneurial mentality.

The Vintage Vehicle Market

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In the Link Motors Franchising project, in addition to managing the sale of modern vehicles, there is the world of VINTAGE VEHICLES.

LINK MOTORS is currently a leader in Italy in the management of sale of vintage vehicles all over the world.

It allows everyone to sell their historic vehicle making the most of it, leaving Link Motors with all the management of the sale, from sale to delivery with international transport.

The Franchise Support Structure is designed to fully manage the financing and ancillary services of the branches, provide 360 ​​° assistance.

The Link Motors project was born on 1 ° March 2014 and has already developed many agencies with hundreds of requests for openings throughout Italy.

Automotive Franchising

Choose Well

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Opening a business in Franchising is a serious matter! Starting a new business is definitely a challenge, but we are here to help you "turn on this car", business management methods and tools specifically designed to support you in your business.


Link Motors periodically participate in events and sector events to expand your network.

(Milan Franchising Fair, Lingotto Turin, Naples Franchising Fair)

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Millionaire magazine

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Automotive Franchising




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