|  Wednesday May 25 2022

Vintage Cars and Motorcycles for Sale

Historic Vehicles: They are present (1160) offers from private individuals for vintage cars

In common parlance, the term "vintage car"refers to older generation vehicles (usually two or more years old) with some collectible value.

From the standpoint of official recognition and insurance, the general definition is inconsistent with the official definition; that date is in Italy, so it is attributed to the terminology in Italian, for example, the minimum age is 20 so that we can talk about classic cars.

Regulations vary from country to country. In some countries, terms such as oldtimer; these terms were created in English and do not fully conform to current usage in various English-speaking countries.

Sometimes it can be observed how, in a given country, different terms are used to specifically represent models of different qualifications, or to distinguish pure collection value from historical value.

We offer you the sales offers of our Private customers.

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