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Link Motors Franchise
Digital Automotive Company

Digital Automotive Company

Foundation year: 2014
Branches in Italy and Europe: 97

In 2014, the computer developer Fabian Coletta creates a format of sale of cars and motorbikes between individuals, “real estate agency” style: born Link Motors.
The project involves considerable IT support and development, able to generate customers in a systematic and continuous way from the first day of activity, without resorting to marketing agencies or external professionals.

In 2015 the Link Motors project already reaches an important turning point: Fabian Coletta meets Piero Umberto Limonta, entrepreneur with a deep experience in the Automotive and Real Estate sector, and Bruno D'Amico, another entrepreneur with extensive knowledge in financial products, also with a proven background in the Automotive sector.

From these meetings the Link motors franchise srl, a project that involves the opening of franchise shops managed by experienced professionals in the automotive sector and able to facilitate the purchase and sale of vehicles between individuals.

In 4 years the development of the franchising network on a national level is exponential. To date there are 97 branches in Italy. This growth is mainly due to the possibility of accessing the Automotive business without investing capital and to a business model in which components such as digital technology and the experience of Link Motors Franchising professionals they make a difference.

Managed Customers 52231


Vehicles for Sale 4417


Value Vehicles 78 million


Active Branches 97

Digital Automotive Company

The activity

The Link Motors project represents a great news in the automotive world as well as a great opportunity for those who have always coveted and dreamed of transforming their passions into a business, but have always had to give up for several reasons:
  • High initial capital to invest for starting a start-up as a multi-brand retailer;
  • Very high fixed costs (location to be used for the exhibition, cost of storage and other costs typical of any business activity).

Digital Automotive Company

Strengths of the offer

The Link motors franchising project, in a few months, thanks above all to the presence of high-performance IT tools, allows a new franchisee to have a warehouse with 80/90 cars.

All this translates into:

Digital Automotive Company
The massive presence of the LINK MOTORS brand on digital platforms and social networks allows affiliates to easily sell cars and motorcycles, even at an international level.

This is a very important component especially for the vintage car market which generates a strong foreign demand.
This type of sale is also facilitated by the National primacy which reached the brand in terms of number of offices and number of vehicles managed.

Link motors affiliates have at their disposal all the tools that support the sale of a vehicle, including:

  • Possibility to propose the purchase of the car through financing;
  • Failure warranties;
  • International transport for the delivery of the vehicle;
  • Long-term rental;
  • Zero kilometer car;

The support

We have professionals able to constantly support the Franchise network in solving and managing daily problems and criticalities.


Digital assistance

In digital assistance, we adopt an active business intelligence system that allows us to always have a real-time control dashboard of the performance of each individual branch.



The automotive sector is changing profoundly, therefore it is always necessary to update affiliates with new work tools. Affiliation allows you to have a structure of developers and industry experts who work side by side with the branches.

Digital Automotive Company

Professional figure in the franchisee

The Link Motors franchising format is generating a new job figure, which we could define as “Car Advisor”, that is "Automobile consultant", a professional who can handle "Brokerage on modern and vintage vehicles" between private individuals, following the entire process at 360 °, from the sale to the transfer of ownership and payment.

Our services are aimed mainly at customers who need to sell:

  • Cars
  • Motorcycle
  • Vintage vehicles
  • Camper
  • Commercial vehicle

Digital Automotive Company

Future goals

Our vision is to make the Link Motors Franchising format replicable also in the international field.

After the success achieved on the Italian market and given the great opportunities offered by the automotive sector in the European context and beyond, we are careful to evaluate different possibilities for the expansion of our brand beyond national borders.

Below we report the trend of the services carried out within a single Link Motors agency.

Trend Network Franchising Link Motors in Italy

Digital Automotive Company

N. Branches open per year

Digital Automotive Company

Digital Automotive Company

The Automotive Market between Private Individuals

The used car market in Europe is growing strongly, especially that of sales between individuals.
Link Motors covers precisely this slice of the Automotive market. Our goal is to position ourselves as qualified and experienced intermediaries, supporting both parties in the purchase and sale of a vehicle and in the 360 ​​° management of the entire process.

In Italy about 4,5 million car transactions every year (excluding the two-wheeler, camper and commercial vehicle market that Link Motors Franchising manages in addition to that of cars).

In 2019 (before Covid) the volume of business generated by the used car market amounted to 11,9 billion euros. This number certifies, therefore, that the sale of used cars is a booming business. Furthermore, the data shows an increasingly pronounced trend in the use of web channels to search for used cars.

From this point of view, Link Motors Franchising has an online portal that allows, in a few seconds, to know the list of advertisements published by the various branches, relating to used cars and motorcycles of private individuals for sale.

Digital Automotive Company

Professional figures for the management of a Franchising Network

For effective network management, the Master Franchising structure must have the following professional figures:

  • Branch trainer (coach) and regional contacts for training in the area
  • IT Support Officer
  • Web development, server, database
  • Administration / Accounting Officer
  • Financial services and guarantees manager
  • Assistant to the Secretariat for the development of franchising
  • Franchising Network Development Officer

Digital Automotive Company

Affiliate Quality Monitoring Dashboards

Thanks to the internal development of software and utilities, we are able to monitor branch performance in real time. In fact, it is very important for us to follow the progress of each of our branches. In this way, we can promptly intervene in the resolution of any problem, in order to align the franchisees to the achievement of the set objectives.

Digital Automotive Company

Retail structure

Each Link Motors store must have the following characteristics. (image)

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