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Car incentives 2024: questions starting in June
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Editorial article by Carmine Roca

1786 Views visibility 20 May 2024
Car incentives 2024: questions starting in June

In the next few days the government decree relating to the car incentives for 2024. The overall budget will be around 950 million euros. The amount will be roughly divided according to the following methods:

  1. 402 millions of euros for new Euro 6 petrol and diesel cars;
  2. 240 millions of euros for electric cars and for the 0-20 g/km CO2 category;
  3. 140 millions of euros for plug-in hybrids (21-60 g/km range);
  4. 20 millions of euros for used cars;
  5. 53 millions of euros for light commercial vehicles;
  6. 50 million euros for rental.



This is a contribution allocated by the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy, aimed at encouraging purchases of non-polluting vehicles. In order to access the incentive, it is essential that the list price (also including optional extras but not VAT) does not exceed 35 thousand euros for the 0-20 g/km and 61-135 g/km of CO2 bands and 45 thousand euros for the 21-60 g/km of CO2 range.


In case of scrapping of Euro 0, Euro 1 and Euro 2 cars, it is possible to obtain an incentive of up to 11.000 euros for the purchase of electric cars, up to 8.000 euros for the purchase of plug-in hybrid cars and up to 3.000 euros for the purchase of thermal cars. With the scrapping of Euro 3 cars, the incentives drop to 10.000 euros for electric cars, 6.000 euros for plug-in hybrids and 2.000 euros for thermal ones.


If you own a Euro 4 car and decide to scrap it, you are entitled to an incentive of up to 9.000 euros on the purchase of a vehicle with a 100% electric engine, up to 5.500 euros on plug-in hybrid models and up to 1.500 euros on vehicles with heat engine. The contribution can be accessed even if there is no vehicle to be scrapped. The incentive, in this case, is up to 6.000 euros for electric cars, up to 4.000 euros for plug-in hybrids while there are no incentives for internal combustion cars.


The amount of the incentive tends, however, to increase if the request is made by subjects with ISEE less than 30.000 eurosor. The scrapping of Euro 0, Euro 1 or Euro 2 cars would, in fact, give the right to a contribution of up to 13.500 euros on the purchase of electric cars, up to 10.000 euros on plug-in hybrids and up to 3.000 euros on thermal cars.


For the scrapping of Euro 3 vehicles there is a contribution of up to 12.500 euros if you choose to purchase an electric car. It goes to 7.500 euros in the case of purchasing a plug-in hybrid and 2.000 euros for cars with a combustion engine. If your current vehicle belongs to the Euro 4 class there is a contribution of up to 11.250 euros for the electric, up to 6.875 euros for the plug-in hybrid and up to 1.500 euros for the thermal ones. The incentive can be accessed even without scrapping a car. The contribution is up to 7.500 euros for vehicles with an electric engine and up to 5.000 euros for plug-in hybrid cars. The absence of incentives has been confirmed for those who, in addition to not scrapping their car, choose to purchase a vehicle with a combustion engine.


In the case of low income, there is the possibility of requesting the incentive even with the simultaneous scrapping of a classed car Euro 5. The bonus would amount to 8.000 euros for electric cars and 5.000 euros for plug-in hybrids.


Another interesting novelty concerns the opportunity to take advantage of a contribution in case of purchase of used cars euro 6. To access it, it is necessary that the vehicle does not have a valuation exceeding 25.000 euros (excluding VAT) and that at the same time a vehicle up to the Euro 4 class of which the requesting party has owned it for at least one year must be scrapped. For this target, made up of approximately 10.000 people, there is a maximum contribution of 2.000 euros (total allocation of 20 million euros).



There is no shortage of rather interesting news also for mopeds, motorcycles and quadricycles. If you purchase an electric motorcycle without scrapping it, you will be able to obtain a contribution of 30% of the value of the vehicle, with a maximum limit of 3.000 euros. If, however, the motorcycle is purchased with scrapping, the contribution is 40% and the spending limit rises to 4.000 euros. The overall budget for light commercial vehicles is approximately 53 million euros.


Also pay attention to promotional initiatives that are different car companies could be implemented to give a new boost to sales. The list prices of some vehicles could, in fact, be lowered by around 2.500 euros. In this way, we could achieve an overall saving of around 16 thousand euros, an incentive that could certainly appeal to many motorists.


After all, we have to deal with a fleet of cars in circulation characterized by the presence of around 11 million vehicles considered highly polluting (to be clear, those that fall into Euro classes 0, 1, 2 and 3).


Thanks to the incentives, it is estimated that in 2024 there could be between 80.000 and 100.000 purchases of new cars. 25% of these purchases would be for electric cars. At the same time, there would be thousands of scrappings which would therefore lead to the most polluting vehicles being removed from Italian roads.


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