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Car and motorcycle sales service for individuals, get the most, without worries.

Link Motors is a network of over 97 branches in Italy, which deal with selling cars and motorcycles for individuals. It sells your vehicle at the best price and in a few days, without making you think about anything!

Find the best buyer for you, filtering time wasters right away. Link Motors can easily sell your vehicle by maximizing the chances of selling at the best market price, it is a proven method for some time, it is today the best method to sell the car motorcycle quickly without devaluing the vehicle by selling from a private individual to private.


Managed Customers 52231


Vehicles for Sale 4420


Value Vehicles 78 million


Active Branches 97

The Service: Why entrust the sale of the vehicle to Link Motors?


Select the best buyer

Filter immediately, time wasters and businessmen, providing very high visibility therefore more likely to sell at the best market price.


Provides financing and breakdown guarantees

The possibility of selling increases thanks to loans and guarantees on breakdowns, so as to immediately facilitate the sale and immediately exempt the seller from any responsibility for future breakdowns.


It sells at the best market price

By providing a visibility on a private Link Motors network and on thousands of groups, web, social networks, you will have the opportunity to find the buyer willing to pay the price requested by you with direct sales between the parties.


The vehicle will always remain in the seller's possession

The vehicle will always remain with the seller until the transfer of ownership, it will only be necessary to view it at the appointment for the sale at the branch.


Zero Thoughts

The Link Motors branch will take care of every aspect of the sale, from the sale to the transfer of ownership, following the entire process, payment management, protection, guarantees, financing and delivery of the vehicle.


For those who love the classics

The Link Motors branches are specialized in the international sale of historic vehicles, young timers and special vehicles, they will take care of every aspect, from the selection of the buyer, to the management of foreign exports, all under the protection and experience of Link Motors.

Link Motors shop

It will take 15 minutes and the sale of the vehicle will begin in the Network Link Motors!

Selling with Link Motors is easy, just go to the nearest branch, it will take 15 minutes to register the technical data sheet of the vehicle, do a professional photo shoot and start the sale immediately.

The customer entrusts the sale to Network Link Motors, it only costs 25 euros when registering the vehicle, which includes the photo shoot, the technical data sheet and the activation of immediate advertising campaigns, to immediately obtain a strong impact of visibility and close the sale in a few days.

Then, only after the sale has taken place, the commission established in the branch on the final sale price will have to be recognized.

The advantages for those who sell

  • Sale of the vehicle at the highest market price (throughout Europe).
  • Protection from scams.
  • Management of bureaucracy by Link Motors.
  • No time wasters and hassles, we will only select the buyer who is really interested.
  • No exclusive sales.
  • Availability of the vehicle until the transfer of ownership.
Link Motors shop

The Advantages for Buyers

  • Purchase the vehicle under Link Motors protection with the supervision that everything goes smoothly.
  • Purchase the vehicle through the affiliated financial institutions, installment payments also for vintage vehicles and motorcycles.
  • Purchase the vehicle with a full mechanical warranty.
  • Protection from scams.
  • Transparency and sales support.
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Frequently Asked Questions about the Sales Service

  • Why should I entrust you with the sale of my vehicle?

    For numerous reasons, we mention the most important: to provide installment loans for those who need it (about 60% of requests), to provide mechanical guarantees on the entire vehicle including automatic transmission at the expense of the buyer, with certified companies in Europe. Provide protection in the negotiation and control of the economic transaction during the sale. Protection from Scams.

  • How much does the sales service cost?

    The seller who entrusts the sale to Link Motors has 2 fixed costs to bear:
    - 25 euros when registering the vehicle which are for the drafting of the card (35 euros for the home service), the professional photo shoot and the activation of reserved advertising campaigns to immediately have a strong impact on visibility.
    - from 5% to 8% on the final sale price, after the sale has taken place.

    Commission Price range
    8% from 0 to 8.000 €
    6,5% from 8001 to 12.000 €
    5% Over € 12.000

  • Who decides the selling price?

    The sale price is established together on the basis of a market research carried out in the shop, before the sales assignment. The goal is to get the seller the best market price, with sale from private to private.

  • Is the sale exclusive?

    Our assignment lasted 3 months, in two EXCLUSIVE and NOT EXCLUSIVE formulas. The difference is only in the place where the sales appointments will be fixed, in the second case they will always be made in Link Motors agencies.

  • Can I continue to use the vehicle?

    Of course, the vehicle always remains with the seller, he will only have to bring it to us when we have a truly interested customer, who has the budget to spend, who has viewed the documentation and who intends to buy through Link Motors. Therefore we try to filter time wasters and unintentional.

  • How long can it be sold?

    It depends on some factors (including the condition of the vehicle and the selling price), but considering the strong impact of visibility within 30 days, most of the sales are completed.

  • How is the vehicle paid for?

    Payment for the vehicle takes place on the day of transfer of ownership, under the protection and control of Link Motors, with instant bank transfer (approximately 8 seconds for credit) directly from the LINK MOTORS SECURE ACCOUNT. Even in the case of a sale in installments with financing, the seller will always receive the total sum on the day of the transfer of ownership.

  • I do not have insurance and I cannot move the vehicle, what can I do?

    No problem, we come to your home, both for the photo shoot and with the buyer for viewing. All with the VIP contract.

  • My vehicle is vintage, where is it sold?

    We have an international audience among our network and groups of enthusiasts and collectors.

  • Do you already have customers interested in my vehicle?

    Our request database of purchase is populated every hour with new interested parties, surely there will already be the interested party. The database will be queried automatically by the Link Motors systems when the new announcement is entered in the Link Motors network.

  • Where do you post ads?

    We have multipublication systems both on the web and on social networks, able to place the advertisement in already targeted customer areas, as well as having our network of branches in Italy with thousands of customers.

  • Do you buy my vehicle?

    No, it would be against our goal, which is to MAXIMIZE our customers' vehicles. Those who buy vehicles tend to buy at the lowest price in order to reach the highest mark-up in buying and selling.

  • Why do I have to pay the 25 Euros for the registration of the assignment?

    The cost of the registrations includes a professional photographic service, the compilation of the vehicle card and the investment in one-off advertising campaigns to give the maximum impact of visibility as soon as the vehicle is inserted into the Link Motors sales systems.

  • What does it mean to sell "at the best price"?

    Together with the seller, we establish what could be the best market price on a European basis, also considering the best time / revenue solution.

  • How will the change of ownership take place?

    He will organize all the Link Motors agency in one of the affiliated and verified car practices agencies. Link Motors assists the purchase and sale up to the delivery of the vehicle.

  • I cannot provide a guarantee on the vehicle, how can I protect myself?

    Link Motors will apply a warranty (on request) to the new buyer on the vehicle, so as to protect any breakdowns and liability to the seller.

The Link Motors store network

  Link Motors - Ragusa

122 Vehicles under management

  • Viale 12, n.4 / 6 Industrial Zone Phase II
    97100 - Ragusa, (Ragusa)
storefront LINK MOTORS - PAVIA

120 Vehicles under management

  • Via Verdi, 25
    27051 - Cava Manara, (Pavia)

101 Vehicles under management

  • Via L. Paolinelli, 31/L
    55014 - Capannori, (Lucca)

98 Vehicles under management

  • Via Sant Angelo, 18
    70129 - Bari, (Bari)

97 Vehicles under management

  • Padre Pio Square, 3
    26866 - Castiraga Vidardo, (Lodi)

91 Vehicles under management

  • Via Eugenio Calò, 25
    50141 - Florence, (Florence)

91 Vehicles under management

  • Via Roma, 51
    35046 - Borgo Veneto, (Padua)

91 Vehicles under management

  • Via Nazionale, 2
    98057 - Olivarella Milazzo, (Messina)
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